Mancomunidad de Ayuntamientos del Norte de Gran Canaria

Mancomunidad de Ayuntamientos del Norte de Gran Canaria


During more than forty years, the Association of municipalities in the north of Gran Canaria (MNGC) has managed numerous projects financed by the European Union (ERDF, Interreg, ESF, Leader, EAGGF, Cohesion Fund, etc.), the Spanish government, the government of Canary islands and the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

10 municipalities that are integrated in the MNGC have remained out of the touristic development of the island of Gran Canaria. In the last decades, the internal migration, the aging, the relocation of companies in others areas of the island and the high local unemployment are the main problems of the region.


For these reasons the MNGC focuses its efforts on searching one sustainable model of local development, economic diversification and social development for its habitants in collaboration with the different authorities.


Our mission focuses on the local development and economic revitalization based on sustainable development, respecting the existing major areas of environmental protection in our region. Furthermore, it supports the development of effective dialogue with the national and local authorities, as well as with the educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.


Background and previous experience related to local food promotion or tourism activities:

The protection, promotion and development of cultural and natural heritage of the North of Gran Canaria is one of the main objectives of our institution that wants to use the recent changes in the tourism sector, based in new “experiences”, for developing this sector in our area.

The gastronomic tourism, based in a local product: the cheese is the new opportunity for our producers and local economy. In this sense, the MNG organize every year a local fair to support the rural economy. A working group with tourism technicians organizes various activities to promote different tourism projects. In the pass the MNGC has managed a quality tourism plan in our area and a plan for boosting tourism.


Mancomunidad de Ayuntamientos del Norte de Gran Canaria
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