Sofia district is situated in the central part of Western Bulgaria.

Cheese making tradition is kept in a small family farms. They produce white or yellow Bulgarian cheese from sheep’s milk, from cow’s milk and from goat’s milk. Most of them have their own tasting where visitors can experience the wide range of environmentally friendly dairy products in combination with delicious homemade wine and aromatic teas with native and exotic tastes richly seasoned with pure honey from the region.


The diversity of the landscape, the wonderful natural resources, favourable climatic conditions and perennial traditions of the population are the main factors that determine the development of tourism in the Sofia region in all its forms and diversity, in all seasons of the year. In the area there are a lot of churches monasteries, museums, ski resort, mountains, lakes and waterfalls.

The vast wealth of mineral springs and water is a prerequisite for the development of sports and recreation in the area.  Priceless heritage represented by the archaeological, historical, cultural and architectural monuments, unique folklore traditions, festivals, crafts and traditional industries determines the development of cultural tourism in the area. On the territory of Sofia region are 227 cultural monuments of national importance, many museums, community centres and libraries. In recent years there has been increased tourist interest in the Bulgarian monasteries.


The object of undying tourist interest are a number of protected areas and natural attractions in the Sofia region included in the national park “Central Balkan” Nature Park “West Balkan” – waterfalls, unique rock formations and ancient trees. In the municipality of Dragoman is the largest karst wetland in Bulgaria – Dragoman marsh where you can see more than 220 species of birds.

Bulgarian family sheep farm and cheese maker

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