TastyCheeseTOUR project is all about cheese!


Did you know that there are over 240 types of cheese with a certain degree of protection (Protected Designation of Origin, Traditional Speciality Guaranteed or Protected Geographical Indication) in the European Union and that EU cheese market is the largest in the world?


This is our starting point. We will build on rich cheese-making tradition in partner regions and turn it into a driving force of rural tourism development by fostering sustainable tourism product that promote and valorise cheese production by attracting visitors, enhancing their rural and culinary experience.


TastyCheeseTOUR partnership will develop blended routes/itineraries in rural and deprived regions that produce high quality cheese in 6 member countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia and Spain. Our Cheese Tours will be developed with a strong integration of local community and by combination of cultural, industrial, culinary and agricultural heritage.


Our main objective is to foster economic dynamism in involved regions by creation of new tourism product – Cheese Tours – which is promoting experience-based and responsible tourism related to cheese tradition and production.

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