Home-made cheese has long-standing history in Latvia. Though Latvia would hardly become a cheese capital, nowadays we more and more appreciate a variety of locally made cheeses like fresh cheese, the type of ricotta; Martinella – a Latvian equivalent of Mozzarella, made of cow milk; soft cheese, hard cheese, smoked cheese, aged cheese  – all these varieties are like hidden treasures that can be found at small family run cheese making farms in the countryside, bought from local farmers and “green” markets, and even in city supermarkets. Latvia also can be proud of some cheeses, which recipes are developed by our cheesemakers – the long history has Latvia cheese with extremely strong smell and specific taste (relative to Limburger and Bakstein), the recipe is developed and recognised as separate variety in 1928. The Jānu siers (Jāņi cheese) has the longest tradition as it is, together with beer, the main festive treat and integral part of the Midsummer celebration.


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Find out about types and sorts of cheese that are produced in small facilities located in rural areas, and venture for a cheese tour to enjoy the variety of tastes and products!

Farms and manufacturing facilities that prove mastery in cheese making, can talk about the process with visitors, and offer samples for tasting or buying are awarded with the title Cheese Master.



Discover Cheese Master Tours and venture onto tranquil Latvian countryside!

Before setting off on your trip, contact your destinations to agree on the time that you will visit, the rules of the visit, the number of visitors and the price.  Choose destinations according to your own interests, and certainly visit other sites while you are on your trip.

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