Mancomunidad de municipios del norte de Gran Canaria represents the North of Gran Canaria island, a region full of contrast and of opportunities to look for wide-open spaces, unique landscapes wafted by the refreshing sea breeze from the nearby coast, unique panorama of stark steep cliffs and deep plunging gullies. Part of the island territory is declared as World Biosphere Reserve. There is a world of possibilities and unique moments to be experienced far from the madding crowds, in direct contact with nature, revealing in the landscape, the sea, the cultural heritage and singular identity of the agricultural with its traditional values, paraded and placed on display during the celebration of the festivities of the region, among the most important for the people of Gran Canaria.


The North offers you a treasure trove of historical remains of the original inhabitants of the island and the heritage of the city centres, where traditional architecture, cobbled streets, gardens, emblematic churches and spots with a charm of their own bring out the best in all our budding photographers. Last, but certainly not least, the variety and quality of the local products, where the cheeses are the very well known and appreciated, will excite the palates and curiosity of even the most jaded, with every little place offering something out of the ordinary whether it be fresh fish, sweet bananas, tomatoes, “gofio” (toasted corn flour) or wines and liqueurs.


Under this tradition, cheese is essential in our culture and customs and the North of Gran Canaria is a wonderful region to taste high-quality cheese, produced as it was produced hundreds of years ago. To visit the Cheese Museum is a must in the region to understand the whole process of manufacturing, and understand the tradition and the effort of several generations to keep this tradition alive.


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Cheese trails in Northern part of Gran Canaria

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