Umbria is located in the heart of Italy, known as the “Green Heart of Italy”. It is crossed by the Tiber River, Chiascio River, Nera River and its Marmore Falls and is surrounded with magnificent lakes like the Trasimeno, Piediluco and Corbara Lakes. The region, visited by Goethe during his Grand Tour, offers a wide variety of geomorphological features and landscapes through a succession of valleys, mountains, green hills, plateaus and historic villages.
Umbria region has a long tradition of cheese production of nearly 3000 years, of very high standard compared to the DOP of other regions, however it lacks of a good promotion at national level.
None would believe that in a small region as Umbria, there are more than 15 variety of cheese: Pecorino di Norcia, Ricotta salata di Norcia; Caciotta al tartufo; Raviggiolo; Pecorino stagionato in botte; Pecorino stagionato in fossa; Formaggio farcito; Formaggio misto o Caciottone; Caciotta; Pecorino umbro del Subasio; Roccaccio; Ruzzichella; Bigetto, Grello e Giuncata.

Umbria and its new cheese itineraries is the perfect place to explore. It woul offer an amazing experience in its stunning and breathtakingly beautiful landscape, whose diversity offers a large variety of itineraries, satisfying the needs of all tourists.

Umbria tour

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