Shephard’s meal in modern disguise

Would you like to taste traditional flavours of old times? How did the shepherd’s meal on high mountain pasture tasted like?

We were discovering these secrets on one of the TastyCheeseTOUR workshops. Our Chef Tomaž Sovdat made a fabulous fusion of traditional ingredients and flavours and state of the art look.

Original, easy-made, delicious.


Main ingredients: Cheese (of course ;), cottage cheese, whey, mountain herbs, potatoes, polenta, dried fruit and homemade marmalade.


Our yummy creations:

  • Welcome drink (whey smoothie with homemade fruit liquor and dried fruit decoration)
  • Soft cheese with herbs and sautéd onions on potato polenta
  • Cheese bites with dried fruit in a jar
  • Čompe an skuta (Bovec cottage cheese served together with warm potatoes)
  • Baked cottage cheese
  • Cheese pie
  • Cheese sticks (dough sheets filled with albumen cottage cheese and Tolminc Cheese mixed with local herbs)
  • Frika (potato cheese omlete)
  • Sweet baked albumen cottage cheese
  • Whey pudding with dried fruits and homemade marmalade


On this workshop that was a part of TastyCheeseTOUR Trainings tourist guides and cheesemakers learned how to prepare delicious meal for visitors in the dairies and on mountain pastures that are part of Soča Valley Cheese Trails.

Creating Shepherd's meal

Take a look in one of our recipe books and create a Soča Valley flavoured dish of your choice.

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